Neater Eater Manual, ready to scoop food

The manually controlled Neater Eater is a modular system designed to enable people to use their own movements to feed themselves in a smooth, controlled and dignified way.


The powered Neater Arm Support enables people with muscle weakness to use their arms.


The Neater Powered Drinker enables people to drink liquids and puréed foods at their own pace.


Brings the straw to your mouth and away again when pressing a switch. For use with a Neater cup or your own mug.

Can also be used with the Neater Powered Drinker.


We have a wide range of replacement plates, bowls, and cutlery available, all specially designed for use with our Neater Eater and Neater Eater Robotic. The variety means that everyone can find something that suits them.


The Neater Eater Robotic is easy to use, set up and adjust. There are many ways of operating the Neater Eater to suit people with different physical and cognitive abilities. It is suitable for anyone who can take food from a spoon in their mouth.


The NAS-Zero is the non-powered version of the Neater Arm Support. It provides a solution to muscle weakness.


Our Neater Drinker range allows people with limited movement to drink when out or at home.

Straw Holder

The Neater Holder is a modular system for firmly holding objects at adjustable positions and angles. Shown here are some examples of ways you can use the Neater Holder

Double Edero on electric wheelchair-1 (2).jpg

Here at Neater Solutions, we aim to provide a range of equipment to suit as many needs as possible. As such, we are proud suppliers of the Armon Edero range! The Armon Edero is an arm support system, which uses a spring compensation system to support the full weight of the arm.