Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Inclusion is at the heart of Neater Solutions. It strives to develop technologies that enable people with a wide range of conditions to participate in and enjoy the benefits of the society they live in. Those people are directly involved in the development of Neater Solutions’ products and services. Since his student days, Jon Michaelis has been actively involved in political organisations promoting equality and human rights. This has carried through to Neater Solutions' inclusive attitude towards race, sex, sexuality, gender identity, neurodiversity and physical and cognitive ability.

Our products help many people to carry out daily tasks independently that more able-bodied individuals take for granted like eating a meal themselves at their own pace and how they like it. This allows them to actually sit and eat with their family and friends instead of having to be fed by those around them. This has the added benefit of additional social interaction with friends, family or carers during meal times which can lead to huge positive psychological impacts on wellbeing and the feeling of inclusion.

Our products are developed with a user focussed approach. Through regular communication and trialling with existing and new users we aim to incorporate new features or develop new products wherever we see a viable requirement. Without the input from current users, we could not have developed our equipment to the extent we have done. The more diverse range of users we talk to we find different needs and perspectives that form the basis and direction of ongoing development of products and of our company.