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Neater Eater Robotic Instructions


Quickstart Guide

What to do when you first recieve your Neater Eater Robotic.

When you First Switch On

What to expect after you turn on your robot for the first time 

LED's Explained

This video will tell you waht each LED on the robot represents


This video will introduce you to a few more of the various settings within the robot.

App Update

How to update the app on your Neater Eater Robotic's tablet

Battery Not Charging: Solved

If your Neater Eater Robot's battery stops charging, try this fix!

Settings Within Your Robot


An introduction to your Neater Eater Robot

Mouth Position

Setting your mouth position

Settings Menu

The setting menu

Health and Safety

Health and Safety features within the robot 

Check Plate

Checking which plate you have attached

Scoop Settings

Settings for how your robot scoops

Switching On and Off

How to turn your robot on and off

Simple Eating

How to use your robot to eat a meal

More Scoop Settings

Further scoop settings

Plate Turn Settings

Settings for how your robot turns the plate

Wait Times

Edit your wait times for various points during the scooping cycle

More Settings

Further more advanced settings


Using external switches

Activating Extra Features Whilst Eating

You can set and change features whilst you eat

Power and Batteries

What expect from the battery in both your robot and tablet

Switch Options

Options when using external switches

Partitioned Plate

An introduction to the partitioned plate


What to do if your robot has a problem

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