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Neater Eater Manual Instructions



The Neater Eater must be unparked before use. Parking keeps the arm neatly out of the way between meals.

Height Adjustment

The Up Stop sets the height the Neater Eater spoon comes to so that it reaches your mouth.

Forward Stop

A Forward Stop can be set to limit how far forward the spoon comes.

Back Stop

A Back Stop prevents the spoon being pushed to far back and getting stuck behind the plate.

Lift Spring Adjustment

Adjust how quickly the arm lifts up and the pressure needed to push it down to the plate.

Damping Adjustment

Increase fluid damping resistance to absorb tremor or reduce damping to ease movement.


Clamp Options

Clamp choices and positioning to suit different tables and situations.

Plate Flick Guard

The Plate Flick Guard prevents accidental flicking of food as the spoon is raised at the edge of the plate.

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