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Neater Arm Support ZERO


Check out the video here!

We have introduced the Neater Arm Support ZERO to provide an interim or complementary solution to muscle weakness.

The unique sling and arm system combine a friction-free arm with an easy-to-adjust counterbalance system to aid in the lifting of the arm. There is also fold-away parking for when not in use. NAS-Zero's primary use is for table or desk activities such as: using a tablet or keyboard. It makes it an ideal solution for the workplace or in educational environments. The NAS-Zero can also be attached to a manual or powered wheelchair for use anywhere.

Illustration of Neater Arm Support Zero Powered

Instructions download as a PDF

We offer FREE UK home assessments for this equipment!

Functional Benefits

The Neater Arm Support allows users to feed themselves, use a mobile phone, and more. Using a computer and typing on a keyboard is also made possible!

The Neater Arm Support also reduces the development of joint contractures, allows the client to maintain arm strength, and helps with posture.  

Psychological Benefits

The Neater Arm Support offers emotional benefits too; a greater feeling of independence, through less dependence on carers. It helps with socialising; helping the user engage in more activities.

Picture of Neater Arm Support Zero Powered in use

Who Can Use It?

The Neater Arm Support is suitable for those with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Muscular Dystrophy, and more. 

We offer FREE home assessments for this equipment!

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