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Clinical Evidence

Independent academic research has proven the clinical effectiveness and benefits of many of our products.

A University of Nottingham study on the Neater Arm Support found:

  • Positive Impact on independence, confidence and social interactions

  • Increased ease and speed of everyday activities

  • Occupational Therapists' role is important to clinical outcomes

(Downloads as a PDF)

A major study in Denmark for the Neater Eater concluded:

  • The equipment increases independence

  • Better health is encouraged

  • That relationships with carers are improved through use of the equipment

  • The initial cost is offset after a few months by saving on carer costs

  • Community equipment provides a good outcome at reduced cost

(Study Summary. Downloads as a PDF)

A University of Brighton study on experiences of people with Neuromuscular conditions found:

  • Eating devices afford independence, freedom and improved quality of life

  • Users reported being able to enjoy eating as a social event, not just an essential activity

  • Technology led to labour savings

  • Carers were less stressed


(Study Summary. Downloads as a PDF)

(Full Journal. Downloads as a PDF)

Please note; while these findings were published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, March 2018, it does not represent an endorsement by AOTA or its agents.


If a drug was discovered with a similar cost profile, it would be hailed as the wonder drug of the age.


- Audit Commission Report


If they choose not to fund the Neater Arm Support, I would like them to give me a clinical reason why not!


- Senior Occupational Therapist


“I am so lucky to have the chance to use it, to gain back dignity and independence.” “Cool” “I was happy to try something new …I was excited to regain independence and be able to feed myself again.” “being in control, independence, positivity, confidence, and dignity.”


- Quotes from AOT, March 2018

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