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Neater Holder


Picture of Neater Holder with Neater Snack Holder attached

The Neater Holder is a modular system for firmly holding objects at adjustable positions and angles, making it extremely versatile!

As the picture depicts, the holder can be configured with our snack holder, as well as more accessories as shown below!

Modular System

A modular system means that the Neater Holder can be configured and used in a multitude of ways. These include 

using the Neater Holder as a switch holder, as a toothbrush holder, and more. You can mix and match attachments that are most suitable for you.


The Neater Holder can also be used with other Neater products, such as the Neater Straw Mover, the Neater Switch, and Neater Cutlery.

Modular Gallery

Take a look at just some of the ways the Neater Holder can be used! 


(Note - Component specifications may change without notice.)


Neater Holder Instructions

 Neater Holder Instructions 

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