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Meet the Team

Picture of Jon Michaelis

Jon Michaelis

Managing Director


Jon Michaelis is the Managing Director and founder of Neater Solutions Ltd. A chartered engineer, he is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers with a first class honours degree from Imperial College, London.

Jon has always been active in the field of Appropriate Technology and now promotes High Tech solutions to the world’s problems. He is a firm believer that change is the only constant, and Neater Solutions has provided him with the opportunity for continuous innovation.

He has two children (a project manager and an engineer) and a wife (a retired special needs teacher) who has three grown-up children.
Jon likes family time, skiing, unicycling, good food and dancing to live music (he co-founded the Dazzley festival).

Picture of John Foster

John Foster

Neater Consultant


John is the demonstrator and trainer for the North and Midland region. He has worked for Neater Solutions since 2007 and is our resident expert on the Neater Arm Support. John enjoys climbing, cooking, turtles and travel.


John is a crucial part of our organisation, helping countless individuals regularly. When asked about his work at Neater Solutions, John shared that he loved being a part of something which encourages Independence, Dignity, and Choice.

Picture of Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill

Business Development


Stephen has been working with Neater Solutions since 2001 and provides client demonstrations in the south of England. He is also responsible for the company’s marketing and business development in Europe and the international markets. Stephen loves travel, learning new languages, singing and cooking.

Stephen has been instrumental in developing new policies post-pandemic, leading a successful shift in the organisation. He also heads the virtual training programmes to look at solving eating, drinking, and other activity challenges with assistive technology.

Picture of Joseph O'Brien

Joseph O'Brien

Technical Support Manager


Joe has been with Neater Solutions since September 2015. He is our resident technician. He assembles equipment and helps with design. He likes video games, having a project and his dog.

Joe is the backbone of all communications and likes to learn new things constantly. He believes in creating a difference with Neater Solutions and is glad to be a part of this innovative team. He excels at wearing multiple hats, and his contribution has proven to be extremely valuable for the organisation.

Picture of Mike Hart

Mike Hart

Packing and Dispatch Assistant


Mike has been with us since Dec 2019. He assembles and packs orders to the highest standard. He is an amateur musician and when he isn’t playing the electric guitar, he’s out hiking somewhere; probably listening to music on headphones.

Mike has been an active member of the team when it comes to quality control and overseeing how the product is delivered to the users and carers.

Picture of Andreen Greer

Andreen Greer

Administrative Assistant


Andreen started at Neater December 2021. She answers all general queries we get from end users, OT's and prospective clients as well as many other aspects of the daily admin within the business. She enjoys spending time with her kids, music and reading.

Andreen is responsible for streamlining day-to-day operations and ensuring everything runs smoothly at the organisation. She loves to be a part of Neater Solutions as she feels she is helping people be a better version of themselves.

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