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Neater Drinkers

Neater Drinkers, drinking aids, allow people with limited head movement the ability to drink when out or at home. See our drinkers here - or our powered drinker here -

Can be used in conjunction with the Neater Eater or separately as required


Neater Straw Mover (NSM)

We have developed the Neater Straw Mover for people who find it difficult to use a conventional cup or straw. It allows people to move a flexible straw away from their faces. The user can press a remote switch to bring the straw to and from their mouth.
The Neater Straw Mover enables people to drink liquids when they want to. It can be used in combination with the Neater Powered Drinker which pumps liquid or pureed food.


Neater Straw Mover (NSM)

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