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Neater Feeding Solutions

We at Neater have been providing solutions for Ataxia, muscular dystrophy, intention tremors, and other conditions for over 25 years. Our assistive technology solutions include drinking aids, eating aids, and mobile arm supports, giving our customers greater independence, dignity, and choice when they face difficulties when eating or drinking due to physical or cognitive limitations.

Neater Solutions is renowned worldwide for the design, manufacturing, and supply of the Neater Eater, Neater Arm Support, Neater Drinkers, and Neater table.

The Neater Eater was designed over 25 years ago to reduce essential tremor when eating, for people with Ataxia. The viscous damping combined with spring loading absorbs shakes and uncontrolled movements, making it suitable for clients with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, Huntington’s Chorea, Friedrichs Ataxia, Parkinson’s Disease and intention tremors associated with Multiple Sclerosis. The user holds onto the arm of the eating machine, which acts as an interface to their food with a self-levelling spoon and rotating plate.

Neater Eater Manual, illustration

The Neater Eater was originally designed over 25 years ago to absorb the tremors associated with ataxia. The viscous damping combined with spring loading absorbs essential tremor and other uncontrolled movements in the arms. Jon Michaelis, the Managing Director of Neater Solutions Ltd, has published a paper on mechanical methods of controlling ataxia - here.

As well as smoothing out the tremors associated with ataxia the Neater Eater successfully provides a solution to eating for those with essential tremors. The viscous and spring damping interface provides the required resistance, enabling a successful eating experience.

We can offer several potential solutions to clients with muscular dystrophy. Our most popular is our powered mobile arm support which enables users with this condition the independence to carry out a range of activities with their arms. In addition, we offer the electronic programmable Neater Eater and the Neater Powered Drinker.

System Design

The system has been developed and designed constantly over the years to cater to clients with weaknesses; its modular design has additional components and reduced damping to make it suitable for users with Arthritis, Stroke, and Muscular Dystrophy.

The assistive technology has been part of a lengthy clinical study, evidence showing it will save money when used, providing benefits to independence, health, and well-being, along with reliability.

If the condition has progressive weakening, such as Duchenne's muscular dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or Motor Neurone disease, our electronically programmable system offers a simple to operate switch-powered solution. The switches can be positioned at the head, making it suitable for Quadriplegia or spinal injury cases.

Robotic Neater Eater Illustration

Our powered Neater Mobile Arm Support complements our systems by providing a motorized switch-operated unit that lifts the arm up and down. This allows the user to carry out numerous independent activities, such as eating, drinking, typing, playing piano, brushing hair, and scratching the nose. This equipment is for users with progressive muscle weakening, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We can now also provide manual Arm Support, the NAS-ZERO, for those with limited muscle weakening.

The Neater Drinker has a long straw available with a ceramic or thermally insulated metallic cup. This straw has a valve at its end, capturing the fluid once reaching the mouth. The user then only must sip away until it is empty. The straw's position means the user need not bend down, resulting in improved posture and convenient swallowing. Neater Steady Straw and Neater Steady Double straw are now available for flexible positioning and use with the cup.

Neater Drinker illustration

If the client is unable to suck or position their mouth around a straw then the Powered Neater Drinker, at the press of a switch introduces a measured bolus of fluid in a controlled manner.

Neater Table

Our table was developed to suit the Neater Eaters and has now evolved to provide a universal solution to table-based activities. It is wide enough to fit around an armchair, has space for any wheelchair access, and is height adjustable. Fitted with dual locking castors allow it to be easily transported from room to room, the easy lock and fold system means it can be discreetly stored away. The table has surface options of a cut-away top and angle adjustable to provide the maximum options for usage.

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