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Neater Drinkers

Neater Drinkers, drinking aids, allow people with limited head movement the ability to drink when out or at home. See our drinkers here - or our powered drinker here -

Can be used in conjunction with the Neater Eater or separately as required


Neater Steady Double Straw (ND-KV2)

Neater Steady-Double-Straw provides a stable but adjustable holder for two flexible straws. (Eg: making a cup of tea accessible now and water later). A non-return valve (included) holds the liquid within the straw to help with sucking.

Please note a mug or glass is not included.

Neater Steady Double Straw (ND-KV2)

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    • disabled people purchasing equipment for their own use;
    • charities purchasing equipment for use by a disabled person.


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