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Neater Drinkers

Neater Drinkers, drinking aids, allow people with limited head movement the ability to drink when out or at home. See our drinkers here - or our powered drinker here -

Can be used in conjunction with the Neater Eater or separately as required.


ND-M Neater Metallic Drinker

Metallic finish thermally insulated mug 400ml capacity(3/4 pint), with twist out supporting feet, easy removable lid fitted with a 60cm food grade nylon straw. The straw is fitted at the base with a non return valve to capture fluid once it has reached the mouth, and has a choke protection disc at the mouth end. The cup is supplied with non slip drinks mat for additional stability, 2 flexible mouth piece attachments and a syringe to help draw and prime the fluid into the straw. Cup holders and stands are available for this product - please ask!


See our other items, please ask should you require anything before then and we would be happy to help.


Neater Metallic Drinker

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