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You must only use a Neater Powered Drinker if it has been assessed as safe by a suitable healthcare professional. 


We offer free in person assessments of the Neater Powered Drinker! Please take advantage of this offer before you decide to purchase your Neater Powered Drinker through our webshop. In fact we are so keen for you to see and try it in person, we will offer you a discount if you email us at - to take advantage of the in person assessments. Or alternatively in limited circumstances we can send it to you to try for yourself at home for a short period of time.


This is only available for sale online in the uk so if you are based outside the uk please contact us about our overseas distributors or direct sales here -


NPD, Neater Powered Drinker

The Neater Powered Drinker enables people to drink liquids and puréed foods at their own pace. The amount of liquid it can pump can be set by the user, and the liquid does not touch any parts of the mechanical pump, meaning it is easy to keep clean and long-lasting.


For more information please our Neater Powered Drinker product page here -


Neater Powered Drinker - Includes peristaltic pump, 2 flexible straws, straw holder, switch and battery charger

Neater Powered Drinker

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