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Neater Snacker and Neater Drinker
Portable and easily adjusted, limited head movement only is required to drink and eat snacks when out or at home.

The Neater Snacker consists of a long arm on the end of a fold-away clamp, which holds it to a table or other furniture. The arm can be bent to any position so that it can be reached easily. A sandwich holder that can be used for other snacks such as pizza and biscuits clips on the end. The Neater Snacker can hold the same cutlery and attachments as the Neater Eater.

The Neater Drinker is a special long straw in a special sturdy ceramic mug with a lid. The tough straw can be bent and positioned so that it can be reached easily. A non-return valve at the bottom keeps the drink in the straw and so makes sucking easier. The mug is very stable with a non-slip base and a lid holds the straw in place as well as keeping drinks warm. Colour: Dark Blue. Special mouthpieces are available. The 60cm straws are also available separately.

The Neater Drinker Metalic is an insulated version of the Neater Drinker. It has a foldout base for stability and comes with a Dycem non-slip mat. It fits in standard size cupholders. A wheelchair attaching holder will be available soon.


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