Solutions for everyday needs


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We have brought together a unique range of products, designed and selected to meet the needs of everday life - For greater independence, dignity and choice.

  The Neater Eater - overview

         1 - smoothes out tremor
         2 - eliminates uncontrolled movement
         3 - requires only weak or limited movement
         4 - foot control option
         5 - electronically powered, automated & programmable

  The Neater Arm Support

  The Neater Uni-Chair - NEW

  The Neater Table

  The Neater Snacker & Drinker, Hotjo Mugs

  The Neater POWERED Drinker - NEW

  Plates & Ceramic Ware

  Cutlery & Attachments

  Neater buttons

Neater Solutions introduces new products to its range to meet previously unmet needs, largely through the design and manufacture of its own products but also by sourcing products from other suppliers. The range is therefore subject to change so please contact us for the latest information. Please fill in our on-line enquiry form for more information.


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