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Examples showing how the Neater Eater's modular design can be used to meet people's differing abilities.

Powered systems designed for people with very limited or weak movements and also for people with very uncontrolled movements.

Example 5 - electrically powered, automated and easily programmed for up to five diners

The Neater Eater arm is moved by microprocessor-controlled electric motors, which pull on ropes to take the spoon back and down. As the motors release the ropes, the damped sprung mechanism brings the spoon up and forward. This is safe as no power is directly applied to move the spoon towards the client.

In order to best suit diners with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities, there are many different automatic operating modes to choose from for movement of the spoon and for turning the plate.

The system can 'learn' the set up choices of up to five different users, each with different mouth positions, plates, spoon pause times, operating choices etc. It is easily taught using the Liquid Crystal Display and plug-in joystick.

A wide range of options is available to ensure that the system is best suited to the diner. For example, automatic rotation of the plate for every cycle of the spoon, non-stop cycling of the spoon and movement of the spoon only when the 'go' switch is pressed.

  Video Clip - Electric Programmable Neater Eater

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