Universal clamp sizes: a spring clamp for objects 0 to 2.5cm; a screw down clamp 0 to 7.5cm. The clamps can be held at any angle out of the front or side of the holder that clips onto the Neater Eater or Neater Snacker.

Cutlery - in a range of materials including stainless steel, grey/green polycarbonate and brown unbreakable plastic. Cutlery includes spoons, 'sporks' and forks. Cutlery shown in holders that clip onto the Neater Eater.

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Other attachments for the Neater Eater and Neater Snacker include: sandwich or snack holder, universal clamps for holding light objects, such as an electric toothbrush and a standard cutlery holder for fitting own cutlery to the Neater Eater.

The sandwich holder enables people to eat "finger foods". The light clamping action allows people with good head control to move the snack within the holder as it is eaten.